Experience Fine Art

More Fine Arts, a new place to discover the world of Fine Art in the Pacific Northwest. Visit exhibitions, attend events and performances, enter contests or judge one. There are local art reviews as well as tips and suggestions along with a few extras just for fun! Learn about the inspiration and mastery...what to look for when investing or collecting fine art...how to preserve and display your finds...even be entertained with short stories and poems!

Be a part of our art culture, whether you are an artist or collector, a performer or a spectator, fine art builds the creative and breathes life into our hearts and minds by opening us up to new adventure and inspiration!
Fine Art inspires creativity and innovation. Your contributions both financial and by attending events and exhibitions feeds our Art Culture, keeping the Arts alive in our community. All proceeds are used to provide opportunities for our local artists. Donations fund classes and workshops, materials and supplies, sponsor local artist projects, as well as the events and exhibitions that are currently free to the public.  For the Art Enthusiasts and Collectors, Fine Art provides fresh perspective and a different view provoking conversation and interaction. For ages, cultures all over the world have invested in the Arts for a more balanced education and lifestyle. We are in an age of technology and access to the Arts that is historic and profound. Lets not take for granted the talent and skills of our local artists and new masters of the arts but embrace and define our modern art culture with enthusiasm and support!

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